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Energy in Indiana



Coal Free IU finances 8 solar panels at IMU

Indiana Daily Student, 5/23/11

  Eight solar panels producing two kilowatts of clean energy were installed on the roof of the Indiana Memorial Union on Thursday. The panels are each 250 watts and are located on the left side of the Whittenberger Auditorium entrance, said Jill Minor, Mann Plumbing Inc. solar website designer and School of Public and Environmental Affairs dual masters candidate....:

Aging Indiana power plant to shut down, cutting Chicago-area air pollution

Chicago Tribune, 5/5/11

  "One of the nation's dirtiest power plants is shutting down, a move that will scrap a major source of lung- and heart-damaging air pollution in the Chicago area...."

Watchdog: State agency heads colluded on gas deal

Indiana Business Journal, 5/2/11

  "Former Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission chief David Hardy and the state's then-finance director, Jennifer Alvey, in 2009 and 2010 secretly and improperly discussed the merits of a $6.9 billion contract the Indiana Finance Authority ultimately struck with operators of a proposed gasification plant, plant opponents allege.Citizens Action Coalition, the Sierra Club and other environmental groups on Monday presented copies of the e-mail to the commission, which is reviewing whether to approve the project agreement. The environmental groups are on record as opposing the plant."

Duke's Indiana Headache

EnergyBiz Magazine March/April 2011

  IT'S ONE THING FOR A UTILITY company to cultivate a good relationship with regulatory authorities, but is it appropriate for a top official with a giant utility to e-mail the chairman of a state regulatory commission, asking "Does anyone know if a desire to `bitch slap a chairman' violates any state's hate crime laws?"...

HETRICK: Energy gluttony means deadly game of chicken

Indiana Business Journal, 3/26/11

  "On television and online, I’ve been watching news stories, videos and photo essays from Japan. I’ve seen the tsunami first striking the shore—a road and some cars disappearing in its wake. ..."

Indiana's Enron: Synthetic Gas Plant in Rockville is a Raw Deal for Ratepayers

News Release (3/24/11)

  "Testimony was filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in opposition to a murky, risk shifting plan for a coal-gasification plant proposed by New York-based Leucadia Corp. for Rockport, IN. The plant is intended to convert coal into pipeline quality gas, called substitute natural gas or SNG. However, ratepayers are not paying for service or delivery of the SNG to customers. Instead, ratepayers would be forced to gamble on the plants profitability by paying for a “derivative” or financial contract intended to shift the risks to ratepayers if market prices fall below the plants’ costs...."
Daniels: Illinois Veto Won't Affect Gas Indiana Plant
  AP via "Gov. Mitch Daniels said the Illinois governor's veto of a bill for two coal gasification plants in his state won't affect a deal for a similar plant planned by investors in Indiana. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said the natural gas made from coal in the proposed plants would never deliver the savings promised to customers...."
Illinois Governor vetoes coal-to-gas bills "In vetoing two bills Monday that would have paved the way for two coal-to-gas plants to be built in the state, Gov. Pat Quinn signaled his support for cleaner uses of Illinois coal but said he would not support the technology at the expense of consumers...."

Rockport: Daniels Touts, Skeptics Rip Planned $2.6B Natural Gas Plant

WRTV,, 2/21/11

  News video: A proposed multibillion-dollar plant to produce natural gas in southern Indiana is stirring controversy at the Statehouse. One item left out of this video from Channel 6 News: Mark Lubbers (Indiana Gasification, LLC Project Director) is a close friend and former senior advisor to Governor Daniels.

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Indiana rethinking nuclear energy plans

Indiana Law Blog & Indianapolis Star, 3/17/11

  "As Japan scrambles to control fires and radiation at its crippled nuclear power reactors, Indiana leaders are backing away from an effort to promote nuclear power here, and nuclear critics are stepping up their opposition.

Edwardsport: More Duke e-mails raise questions

Indianapolis Star, 3/8/11

  "In a new, surprising twist regarding Duke Energy Corp.'s secret communications with Indiana regulators, the utility's chairman on Monday alerted state officials to new e-mails that are sure to raise more questions about the company's conduct...."

Edwardsport: "No More Customer Subsidies for Duke Energy’s Plant"

Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter News Release, 2/25/11

  “Why should Duke’s ratepayers be burdened with the skyrocketing costs of a power plant they don’t need?” asks Steve Francis, the chapter chair. “We have been telling the commissioners for four years that the coal gasification plant is a waste of money and that there are better, cheaper alternatives."

Edwardsport: Information Sheet from CAC regarding Duke's plant

(via Citizens Action Coalition)

  The now $3 billion Edwardsport Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) coal-fired power plant currently under construction by Duke Energy has been shrouded in controversy since Duke Energy first filed for approval before the IURC in 2006.

Edwardsport: Why should we pay for a power plant we don’t need??

Sierra Club Factsheet

  In addition to the factsheet, here is what one Duke customer is paying now for the plant (without the additional cost overruns tacked on).

Purdue pulls plug on new coal boiler

(Lafayette Journal & Courier, 2/4/11)

  "A controversial plan to build a new coal-powered boiler at Purdue University will likely be officially shelved today. A Purdue Board of Trustees committee passed a resolution Thursday to cancel the Wade Utility Plant project based on financial and regulatory concerns...."
Purdue's Turn-About Brings Total Coal Project Cancellations to 150 (Sierra Club News Release, 2/4/11)
  Washington, DC: "Purdue University has cancelled plans for a new campus coal plant, making the plant the 150th to be defeated or abandoned since the beginning of the coal rush in 2001. Thanks in part to the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, in the last two years no new coal plants have started construction and the industry has announced the phase out of over 50 plants...."

Consumer groups balk at bills to speed utility cost recovery

(Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/4/11)

  "Indiana lawmakers have a long record of giving utility companies mechanisms to raise rates without having to litigate full rate cases...."

Edwardsport: Investigator sought to look into contacts over Duke plant

(Columbus Republic, 2/1/11)

  Indianapolis: "Consumer advocates are calling for Indiana regulators to appoint an independent investigator to look into whether Duke Energy Corp. used undue influence to win state approval for a nearly $3 billion coal-gasification plant the company is building in southwestern Indiana...."

Edwardsport: Contractor says Duke took risks at plant

(Indianapolis Star, 1/29/11)

  "Last fall, as costs and accidents were mounting at Duke Energy Corp.'s massive power plant in Edwardsport, the project's engineering contractor warned that Duke was taking "significant risks" with the way it was managing the $2.9 billion construction project...."

Edwardsport: Duke CEO: Storms' hiring a mistake

(Indianapolis Star, 1/18/11)

  " The man at the center of Duke Energy Corp.'s ethics scandal, Scott Storms, should never have been hired by the utility as a regulatory lawyer and wasn't even on the list of five finalists, the company's chief executive, James Rogers, said in an interview...."

Indiana regulator, NiSource director planned day at the races

(Times of Northwest Indiana, 1/16/11)

  "A day after Indiana's top utility regulator approved an order authorizing NIPSCO to hike electric rates, a director of the utility's parent company sent a thankful e-mail inviting him to take in thoroughbred farms and the races in Kentucky Bluegrass country...."

Scandal rocks IURC, Duke (Review)

(Indianapolis Business Journal, 12/24/10)

  "An ethics scandal at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission brought down its chairman along with two top Duke Energy executives and an IURC law judge-turned Duke employee who was at the center of the mess...."

Indiana & Duke Energy Officials Bantered While Ratepayers Picked Up the Tab

(Huffington Post, 12/2/10)

  By Carol Posgrove: "Drawing on hundreds of emails, the Indianapolis Star is providing Indiana with the most unsavory political drama it has seen for a while: the romance between Duke Energy officials and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. While the IURC has been nailing electric ratepayers for spiraling construction cost overruns at Duke's Edwardsport coal gasification plant, state and Duke officials have bantered back and forth like schoolboys...."

Another amazing IURC / Duke Energy story today

(Indiana Law Blog, 11/28/10)

  "Following on this long list of earlier entries, John Russell reports in a front-page story in the Sunday Indianapolis Star, under the headline: "IURC chief and Duke exec were pals, e-mails show: Regulator, utility power player discussed a lot -- including Duke's hiring process." The "Duke exec" in the story is not the recently fired president of Duke Energy-Indiana, but the second in command to Jim Rogers himself. Some quotes: ..."

Daniels's Presidential Prospects Could Be Dimmed by Power Plant Scandal

(Huffington Post, 11/18/10)

  By Carol Posgrove: "Anyone who thinks Indiana's Republican Governor Mitch Daniels should run for president hasn't paid much attention to the dark cloud hanging over Duke Energy's new coal gasification plant -- a massive industrial complex rising up at the edge of the tiny town of Edwardsport, Indiana...."

Scandal fallout plagues Duke Energy's Edwardsport project

(Indianapolis Business Journal, 10/30/10)

  "Regulatory proceedings involving Duke Energy’s coal gasification plant, under construction in Edwardsport, have again been delayed in the wake of an influence scandal at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission...."

U.S. attorney to ask for review of IURC ethics dispute

(Indianapolis Business Journal, 10/26/10)

  "U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett says he'll ask "the appropriate federal agency" to review an ethics dispute that has embroiled the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and Duke Energy Corp...."

Time to change utility regulation (editorial)

(Indianapolis Business Journal, 10/9/10)

  "Gov. Mitch Daniels did the right thing last week when he canned Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Chairman David Lott Hardy after an internal review showed Hardy knew a key IURC official was negotiating for a job with Duke Energy—even while the official took part in regulatory matters involving the utility...."



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