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Our Issues

We are currently building our Issues page, but information on IDEM Watch, Issues, and the Conservation sections of our website often overlap. Be sure to review each of them. Members are also welcome to send pertinent information to: Hoosier Chapter Office, 1915 W. 18th St., Suite D, Indianapolis, IN, 46202 (phone 317-822-3750, email

The Sierra Club's Energy Resources Policy

Global Warming

Smart Energy Solutions

Factory Farms/CAFOs

"In practice, raising animals with humane methods goes hand-in-hand with protection of air, water and good land stewardship.”    

         - Ken Midkiff, National Sierra Club Director

Clean Water

Protecting America's Wild Legacy

Clean Air


Concerns with IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management)

How well does the Indiana Department of Environmental Management do their job?

Is it looking out for the health and well-being of Indiana citizens and families? 

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Clean Water and Factory Farms

Combined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) have a serious impact on the availability of clean water. Check this page for information from the Sierra Club on CAFOs.

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Supporting good local farmers

We know the importance of sustainable, locally produced food and agriculture.  Charlie Mitch of the Winding Waters Group offers some things to think about when looking at farms in your area. 

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Carbon Capture and Sequestration (css)

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Curb Global Warming

10 Things You Can Do to Help Curb Global Warming

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Sierra's Energy Resources Policy

Guided by the conservation ethic, the Sierra Club crafted a comprehensive Energy Resources Policy in 2006 to promote a positive vision of a sustainable energy future. The Sierra Club’s clean energy strategy will wean us from oil, coal and other fossil fuels, eliminate energy waste, work in harmony with natural systems, and define the technologies and smart energy solutions that will meet our nation’s energy needs.

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